Described as “a cream” by those around him, the ideal son hid a terrifying secret

Tuesday August 30, 2022, investigators found the body of a retiree in a mattress in her home in Orne. However, her son had been coming for many years to visit her.

The ideal son hid a terrible secret. Albertine, a retiree born on December 31, 2023 had no not seen physically for at least eight years in the hamlet of Bretoncelles (Orne). However, no one worried about the state of health of the old lady, to whom her son visited regularlyfor “drop off groceries and pick up the trash“as the newspaper reports The Pole.

Monday, August 29, the mayor of the town, Daniel Chevée decides to make a report to the Mortagne-au-Perche research brigade to ensure that the retiree is well. The same evening, the investigators go on site and search the house and the outbuildings, without success.

The remains of the retiree found in her mattress

The disappearance of the nonagenarian, considered very worrying, was quickly taken seriously and the crime squad went to the scene on Tuesday, August 30. Very quickly she goes discover the remains of a body, in Albertine’s mattress. If the investigators had already raised the latter and discovered personal papers, bone fragments and dust are found under the sheets. “The remains of his body were embedded in the mattress“testified a source close to the file to the weekly.

After the terrible discovery, Laetitia Mirande, the Public Prosecutor of Alençon confided: “Investigations are underway to confirm the identity of the deceased and to date the death.“. The retiree’s prosthesis should allow investigators to confirm the victim’s identity and date of death. The latter could date back to a period of between 5 and 10 years, the nonagenarian not having been seen for several years in the hamlet. For the moment, the causes of his death have not been revealed.

The ideal son hid a terrible secret

If no one worried about not seeing the nonagenarian anymore, it’s because his son concealed his death. Indeed, Albertine had found herself alone after the death of her husband Marcel, in 2003. Mother of two children, she only had ties with her second son, who lived near her home, in a neighboring village. 72 years old, the former craftsman seemed to be the ideal son. He continued to pay the household charges, brought the consumption statements in person to the city services and went to several times a week at his mother’s house to visit him or even do him a favor.

According to The Pole, a neighbor of the retiree explained that she had spoken several years before with her son. He would have told her that she was “in Ehpad“before telling him that there was”no reason to worry about her“. So no one was looking to find out why she no longer appeared in the village.

Albertine’s daughter-in-law was unaware of her death

The retiree’s son was married to a former tradeswoman in the town. The latter seemed completely unaware of the situation and the fact that her husband was hiding the death of his mother from her. In effect, she had no contact with the old lady and was”forbidden to stay“At home for more than forty years. The couple thus lived in lies while maintaining the appearance of good Samaritans. “We have never had any complaints with either of them. They have always served“said a former elected official to the local newspaper.

After the discovery of the remains of Albertine’s body, her son reportedly confessed to investigators that he had been well aware of his mother’s death for several years and that he had hidden the situation. For their part, investigators from the Mortagne-au-Perche research brigade are now continuing their investigation to find out what really happened. They study bank account statements of Albertine, her son and her daughter-in-law.

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