Designed to replace humans in tedious tasks, this robot finally has a head… and it’s much better that way

Robin Lamorlette

March 22, 2023 at 3:20 p.m.


New Digit robot © Agility Robotics

© Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics is splitting a new version of its famous Digit bipedal robot, this time with a head to make it more “human”.

The first draft was presented in 2019 and at the time was equipped with LiDAR sensors instead of a real head.

Digit changes his mind

Agility Robotics has made a name for itself with Digit, a bipedal robot with the same build as a human being capable of assisting the latter in manual tasks and inspection operations. Cosmetically, however, this useful robot lacked a real head.

This lack is now a thing of the past, since its successor is now decked out with a cylindrical head equipped with two LEDs as eyes. In a press release cited in source below, the company justifies the change by citing that it will help improve interactions between humans and robots.

In this sense, this change is not only cosmetic. The presence of eyes allows his human colleagues to better understand Digit’s intentions by seeing where his gaze is. An element much more difficult to discern with its first form.

Digit Robot © Agility Robotics

As a reminder, here is what the first version of Digit looked like © Agility Robotics

A slightly better robotic co-worker

Along with the addition of a head, Digit Gen 2 has also received new hands that should make manual tasks like picking up objects easier for him.

However, this new version does not unduly upset the functions of the first model. If it is able to evolve (mainly in warehouses) on slightly uneven ground, it is mainly a robot whose task is to pick up and drop off objects in various places, and up to a certain height. weighing up to 15 kg.

For the time being, Agility Robotics has not announced a price for this new Digit, which looks more sympathetic and practical. Instead, the company offers interested companies the opportunity to participate in a partnership program aimed at “ take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to participate in the development of Digit’s capabilities “.

Source : Agility Robotics

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