"Desolating", "contradictory": Michel Cymes gets screwed up in "Do not touch my post": Current Woman The MAG

Since Tuesday March 17, 2020, Cyril Hanouna presents his show from his living room in order to set an example and not to take risks for his teams. Very regularly, Michel Cymes is the target of criticism from the presenter of Do not touch My TV and his chroniclers. Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the most famous doctor of PAF took it again for his grade in the C8 program. Indeed, the latter answered questions about the coronavirus and sex in the program on HQ presented by Guillaume Pley. Responses that shocked Cyril Hanouna as well as Mathieu Delormeau who was indignant: "Michel Cymes is very funny as an animator, but as a doctor, that poses a problem for me."

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Mathieu Delormeau also returned to the discrepancy between Michel Cymes' speech given last week when he compared the coronavirus to a "small gripette" and his more recent warnings on the behavior to be held in order to stem the epidemic . An opinion shared by Gilles Verdez who also criticized the doctor: "He’s someone that people see as a doctor. The contradictory and permanent side of his speeches, I find it distressing."Surprisingly, Cyril Hanouna tempered the accusations of his columnists by defending the sidekick of Adriana Karembeu in Extraordinary powers. He said he was not alone in saying this, referring to the term "gripette" used by the doctor.

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