Desperate Afghan women entrust their babies to soldiers

After 20 years, Afghanistan fell back into the hands of the Taliban. On the spot, the population tries by all means to flee, engaging in desperate gestures.

Hundreds of barely bearable images and stories reach us every day, illustrating the fear in which the inhabitants currently live.
In Afghanistan, the Islamist movement has just taken over the leadership of the country, after twenty years of absence. On Sunday August 15, 2021, Kabul, the Afghan capital, fell into the hands of the Taliban, like the rest of the country.

This Thursday, as Westerners continue to evacuate the country through Kabul airport, journalists there are reporting images full of despair.

Asaad Hanna, reporter for Middle East news outlet Al Monitor, shared a heartbreaking video on Twitter. Gathered by the hundreds at the foot of the airport, we see Afghans carrying a baby at arm’s length to hand it over to the American soldiers.
A desperate decision taken by many Afghan families.

“If you think what has been done in Afghanistan is right then you should watch this video and see these families ready to lead their children through barbed wire to unknown places to escape the grip. of the Taliban “, commented the reporter.

“It was terrible, the women passed their babies over the wire fence asking the soldiers to take them, some children were scratched by clinging to the barbed wire.”, confided moved a British officer.

“Inside the walls of the airport, exhausted British soldiers wait their turn to escape the scorching sun and chaos of this country. Around them we hear the din of guns and despair. […] Night and day families, often with young children, risk their lives to cross the checkpoints, escaping the vigilance of the Taliban ”, revealed Sky News reporter Stuart Ramsay.

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However, even if many Afghan children have been picked up by Western armies, a child alone might not be able to be taken far from this terror.
Although some women begged them to take their babies, both British and American soldiers refused to take a child alone. The US Secretary of State for Defense, Ben Wallace, has, in fact, recalled: “we can not transport a child alone”, before affirming that more than 120 Afghan families were being evacuated by the US Army.

In France, Emmanuel Macron spoke on August 16 from Brégançon on the situation in Afghanistan, causing an outcry after discussing the migrations to come.
Indeed, the French Head of State spoke of protecting those who are most threatened, while specifying that “we must anticipate and protect ourselves against the significant irregular migratory flows which would endanger those who use them. and feed trafficking of all kinds “.

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