Desperation at the home World Cup: biathletes experience the next fiasco

Desperation at the home world cup
Biathletes are experiencing the next fiasco

It doesn't work in the home race: In Oberhof, the German biathletes catch the second used day in a row. There is also official gossip in the result of the persecution. After the disappointment, Franziska Preuss found surprisingly clear and critical words.

The German biathletes experienced the next very bitter disappointment at the home World Cup in Oberhof. In the pursuit over 10 kilometers, Franziska Preuß dropped from 14th place after the sprint to 18th place. She made four shooting errors.

Denise Herrmann was even weaker, who had a pitch-black day. The 32-year-old had to be content with rank 32 after an indisputable shooting performance with seven errors. Vanessa Hinz (1) in 21st and Janina Hettich (1) in 28th even finished ahead of Herrmann, who was 15th in the sprint. Anna Weidel hit all the targets, but only came in 36th.

"That was a bad race. That annoys me, the others get it done too, it depends on us. The overall package doesn't fit together," said Preuss on ZDF, confused. "That was a sentence with an X", added the former biathlon queen Laura Dahlmeier. Especially at Herrmann, "the pressure is increasing. It needs a break."

The Norwegian Eckhoff, who had already won the sprint on Friday, took her fifth win of the season in 32: 20.9 minutes (2 shooting errors) ahead of her teammate Marte Olsbu Röiseland (0 / + 0.5 seconds) and the again strong Austrian Lisa Theresa Hauser (1 / + 43.0). On Sunday, the mixed and single-mixed relay are on the program in Oberhof.

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