despite its restructuring, the company does not seem to resist the crisis

Bad news for Minelli. The shoe and leather goods brand is placed in receivership by the Marseille commercial court.

The fashion world is in bad shape. Many brands are facing serious financial difficulties and are therefore placed in receivership or liquidation According to the case. Kookaï, Camaïeu, Gap, Sans Marina, André… and now Minelli! This Thursday, September 28, AFP announced that the famous shoe and leather goods brand is now placed in receivership, in order to “prepare the transfer to a new shareholder to guarantee the most efficient continuation of the business”.

As a reminder, the brand was taken over at the start of 2022 by the Marseille brand San Marina, itself liquidated. Minelli currently employs 500 employees and has 120 stores. This legal recovery aims to “allow the company to benefit from a breath of financial oxygen”. Because like many brands, Minelli is in turn affected by the crisis, linked to the pandemic, inflation, the rise in the price of raw materials, without forgetting the rise in rental prices and increased competition from fast fashion or even the second hand.

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Minelli in receivership: will the brand survive the crisis?

The Minelli brand was created in 1972. If the name is Italian, Minelli is indeed a French brand. Initially, it belonged to the Vivarte group. But it was sold to Stéphane Collaert, who had already bought San Marina with Laurent Portella. However, the San Marina brand has been liquidated last February by the Marseille commercial court.

The latter had regretted that“no serious takeover plans could not be supported and (that) the current managers were unable to bring their reserve offer project to fruition, due to lack of investors.” In total, 650 employees lost their jobs and the 160 stores had to close their doors. Same observation for Shades and its 2100 employees. Let’s hope that the same fate will not befall Minelli.

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