Despite “jet lag” on the podium: marathon runner drives the car – disqualified

Despite “jet lag” on the podium
Marathon runner drives a car – disqualified

She drives part of an ultramarathon by car – that’s why the Scottish runner Joasia Zakrzewski is disqualified after her third place in a race. Geospatial data showed that the doctor covered a mile in just one minute and 40 seconds.

A short drive during the Manchester to Liverpool ultra marathon has resulted in the disqualification of a Scottish long-distance runner. Joasia Zakrzewski covered 2.5 of the total of 50 miles (80 kilometers) in England on four wheels, suspicious times convicted the third-placed 47-year-old. Tracking data showed that Zakrzewski temporarily completed a mile in 1:40 minutes during the April 7 run. This is completely impossible on foot, the current world record is 3:43.13.

“I was tired, jet lagged and sick,” said Zakrzewski. The doctor had only arrived the day before from her adopted country of Australia. At the checkpoint, she announced that she was driving in the car and wanted to give up. But she was told there: “You will hate yourself if you stop.” According to Zakrzewski, he continued to run out of competition, but then accepted the trophy at the finish line and posed for photos. “I made a massive mistake in accepting it and should have returned it. But I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t think straight.”

It was previously revealed that exhaustion was the reason for the cheating. “The race didn’t go according to plan. She said she felt sick and tired and wanted to get out,” Adrian Stott, a friend of the runner, told the BBC. “She fully cooperated with the investigation of the race organizers and gave a report of what happened. She is truly sorry for the upset caused.” Zakrzewski finished 14th in the marathon at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and has set several records in the ultra division.

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