Despite Russian threats: Second grain ship from Ukraine makes it to Istanbul

Despite Russian threats
Second grain ship from Ukraine makes it to Istanbul

Ukrainian wheat reaches Turkey safely: The “Aroyat”, another ship carrying 17,600 tons of grain for Egypt, crosses the Black Sea unmolested – Russia had threatened countermeasures. Several merchant ships had already successfully completed the passage.

Two months after Russia withdrew from the grain agreement, a second ship loaded with wheat from Ukraine has arrived in Turkey. The freighter “Aroyat” entered the Sea of ​​Marmara in Istanbul via the southern exit of the Bosphorus, according to data from the websites Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder. The ship is carrying 17,600 tons of wheat destined for Egypt.

On Thursday, the first ship carrying Ukrainian wheat, the “Resilient Africa”, reached Turkey. The “Resilient Africa” ​​and the “Aroyat”, both flying the Palau flag, had previously headed to the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk to take on board a total of around 20,000 tons of wheat.

They were the first grain freighters to call at a Ukrainian port since the end of the Black Sea agreement with Moscow. The “Resilient Africa” left again on Tuesday and the “Aroyat” on Thursday. The Sea of ​​Marmara connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean via the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.

Several freighters have already managed to pass

In mid-July, Russia withdrew from the grain agreement, which had enabled Ukraine to transport grain across the Black Sea despite Russia’s war of aggression. At the beginning of August, Ukraine opened sea routes for merchant ships from several Black Sea ports – despite Russia’s announcement that it would target any ship from Ukraine or with the destination of Ukraine in the Black Sea after the agreement expires.

Since then, several freighters have sailed through the Black Sea from Ukrainian ports, but none of them initially included a ship loaded with grain. Military tensions in the Black Sea have increased since Russia withdrew from the agreement. Russia attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure on the coast and along the Danube, while Kiev attacked Russian ships.

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