Despite the energy crisis: Chancellor Scholz clearly rules out the speed limit

Despite the energy crisis
Chancellor Scholz clearly rules out the speed limit

Chancellor Scholz defends himself against demands for a speed limit on motorways. The government did not agree on such a thing, he says as justification. Scholz also comments on the 9-euro ticket, on security guarantees for Ukraine – and his shower habits.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has spoken out clearly against a speed limit on motorways. “This government has not agreed on that and that’s why it won’t happen,” said the SPD politician in a citizen question format before the summer interview on ARD.

In the coalition agreement of the traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP it says under pressure from the Liberals: “There will be no general speed limit.” However, because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, more and more people are calling for such a speed limit to protect the climate and, thanks to savings in fuel consumption, to become independent of Russian oil more quickly. Scholz also said that the three-month 9-euro ticket for public transport would not be extended.

When asked about possible personal measures in the fight against climate change, the Chancellor said: “That’s a question that always makes me a little uncomfortable.” Of course, he could say that he made sure that his electricity supplier supplied him with CO2-neutral electricity. But the truth for him as chancellor is that his carbon footprint is “terrible.”

Scholz referred, among other things, to flights all over the world in government aircraft and the summit marathon of the past few days. “And I think you shouldn’t beat around the bush and pretend that you’re really someone who is very exemplary when it comes to CO2 emissions.” When asked whether it would be better to heat less or take cold showers to save energy, the Chancellor said: “Everyone has to think for themselves what they think is important,” said Scholz. “Some always take cold showers anyway because they think it’s important for their own health. I don’t, to be honest.”

Security guarantees for Kyiv under NATO guarantee of assistance

Scholz also commented on ARD on Ukraine and promised the country security guarantees for the time after the war with Russia. But these would be below a NATO assistance guarantee, he said. Details are currently being coordinated with partners and Ukraine, says Scholz. But this certainly includes putting sanctions back into force. He told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he could not count on the sanctions being lifted anyway if he continued to strive for a dictated peace after the attack on Ukraine. Ukraine is not part of NATO.

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