Despite the world record in Vikersund: female ski jumpers feel “a bit ripped off”

Despite the world record in Vikersund
Female ski jumpers feel “a bit ripped off”

“Funny decisions throughout the winter”, ski flying that wasn’t made up for last weekend, a catch-up competition after the end of the season: the ski jumpers make their dissatisfaction public. Because “the coolest thing in the world” is reserved for men.

The first women’s ski flying World Cup in Vikersund, Norway, brought not only feelings of happiness but also a lot of frustration for the athletes led by world record holder Silje Opseth. The Norwegian Opseth and her colleagues had several points of criticism and addressed their words directly to the organizers.

The athletes were annoyed that after the wind-related cancellations on Saturday, only the men’s flying in Vikersund was rescheduled for Sunday. The Austrian Eva Pinkelnig felt “a bit ripped off in good German. It would have been possible, there are 17 of us girls. It would have been easy, and that’s a bit of a shame.” In the ORF interview she also added: “The jury has been making strange decisions all winter anyway.” She complained that there wasn’t enough start-up when flying in Norway.

Opseth, who set a world record with 230.5 meters on Sunday, criticized the upcoming weekend in Planica. The men are allowed to ski fly for a full weekend in Slovenia, while the women compete in a competition on a normal hill. “We’re actually being trampled on and don’t have much value. The boys are allowed to go ski flying and do the coolest thing in the world, and we’re on the smallest ski jump next to them. I really have to say, that’s disappointing,” she told the newspaper. Dagbladet”. She decided not to take part in the Slovenian Valley of the Ski Jumps and had already booked a holiday trip to Thailand with her parents.

The women’s jumping in Planica was scheduled at short notice by the world association FIS as a replacement for the two canceled jumpers from the normal hill in Rasnov/Romania in February. The end of the season was originally planned for last Sunday in Vikersund.

Germany’s best athlete Katharina Schmid also sees a long road to equality, but is happy about the catch-up competition in Planica. “Arrival on Wednesday and return home on Friday is an unusual World Cup process – but it is still good that this additional competition is taking place,” said Schmid, who was called Althaus until her wedding last summer.

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