Destiny 2: Eclipse, the Witness comes to end our suffering in the expansion launch trailer, The Witch Queen temporarily free

There is now only one week left before we leave for Neomuna in order to confront the forces of Calluses and prevent him from putting his hands on the Sailwhatever this artefact teased at the end of the current Seraph Season. Bungie has already released a whole bunch of promotional videos for the expansion Eclipseincluding its traditional ViDoc last week to raise the hype by showing us the Earth under siege by the pyramids of Witness. Only one thing is missing, the launch trailer, which will therefore arrive a little early during the State of Play of this Thursday and should then leave all its place to the trailer of the Resistance Season next Tuesday. And just to make us wait, a few seconds act as a teaser.

The short cinematic sequence depicts from the point of view ofAmanda Holliday the battle in Earth orbit against the pyramids, which pulverize Earth vessels using a sort of gravitational wave. The retreat is announced on the radio for what seems to be a losing battle, all without the Traveler doesn’t seem to react. As a reminder, the next season will contain another cinematic with Amanda rescuing The crowno doubt in the wake of these events.

Also, if you haven’t restarted the game recently, be aware thata 24-hour now will take place from Monday, February 27 at 6:00 p.m. to the next day at the same time, so you have until then to wrap up all of the currently available seasonal content before it largely disappears and claim your rewards. PS4 (and PS5) players using this version of the game who want to pre-download the new content will need to provide 80 GB of free space during this period, or wait.

On PC, Destiny 2: Eclipse can be pre-ordered at Gamesplanet from €44.99.

Update : extension The Witch Queen is playable for free until February 26 by all players as announcement and visible in game. With Beyond the Light currently available to members PS+so it is possible to prepare well before the arrival of the new expansion by discovering the main stories of recent years.

Bungie hit hard with its launch trailer, even if it means depriving us of some in-game surprises, namely a reaction from Traveler facing the fleet Witnessswinging a Kame Hame-Ha cosmic growing flowers on enemy ships, and pyramids surrounding him like a Spectrum gigantic. Our characters also discover the appearance of this enigmatic enemy that only we as players have been able to see until now. Moreover, it seems to “cut” our Spectrum and our Guardianlet’s hope this is just a visual effect… On the Neomuna, Osiris is seen with Rohan And Nimbus (and a Pouka)THE Cloudwalker acting as protectors of this Neptunian city and looking downright badass facing a Tormentor. And obviously, some phases of gameplay with the Darkthread complete this very enticing picture. In short, can’t wait for next Tuesday!

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