Destiny 2: The Witch Queen reveals more in a ViDoc, with Abyssal Doctrines revamp and Season of the Reborn

We are only two weeks away from the launch of Destiny 2: The Witch Queenthe next extension of the FPS of Bungiewhich was recently acquired by sony. Inevitably, the information is starting to flow and we will come back to some in due course. Last week, a trailer showed us the Relic on Mars which will serve us to crafter weapons, as well as various exotic equipment and the Swords of each class. The studio now returns with a ViDocits traditional format used to provide an overview of what is happening in the game and whose announcements we will dissect.

the crafting aside, we will come back to it in a dedicated article, because there is a lot to say about it. Already we discover scenes from cutscenes in-game with Ikora, Eris and Guardians on Mars when the ship of Savathun or in the office of Zavala with Saladin, Saint-14, Shaxx and Ana Bray. Yes, all the headliners will be mobilized ! And, we had already been able to understand it since the announcement last August, the representative of the Arcanists seems to have the leading role in the fight against Witch Queen, apparently now determined to eliminate us, which will not hurt her after having been in withdrawal for a long time. More surprising, three giant worms can be seen, similar to xol. Should this be seen as a future confrontation with Eir, Ur Where Yul ? A preview of a cutscene dealing with the origin of the Hive on Principle ? In any case, note that the great absence of this video is Osiriswhose fate remains more than uncertain…

Bungie promises us in any case a lot of revelations with this content which will be accompanied by the Season 16which we can now call the Season of the Rebornserving as the “beginning of the end” for the “saga of Light and Darkness”, which will span another two years with Eclipse (Lightfall) and The Final Form (The Final Shape). Here the forces of Caiatl will join the Guardians to push back the Hive (can’t wait for the marriage with Zavala) using their noise removal technology. Light. The return of Crow is also confirmed, standing in the hangar of the Tower during a cutscene… Will he finally become theAvant-garde from Hunters and succeed to cayde ? The director of Destiny 2 Joe Blackburn also talks about extraction in the field, no doubt in connection with the new activity that will be offered to us, while the visuals depict a kind of laboratory and psions. Note that what holds the Guardian on the illustration below is the seasonal artifact.

Destiny 2 Season of the Reborn 08 02 2022 Destiny 2 The Witch Queen ViDoc screen 04 08 02 2022

Always more decorations of the Throne World are also shown to us, with on one side the so dark and usual atmosphere of the Hive and on the other, brighter spaces, reflecting the very transformation of Savathun through the Light. But it’s all about looks and we will have to play the “psychic detectives” to solve the mysteries of this playground, which will include exotic and mechanical missions usually present in Dungeons. An overview of the map can otherwise be seen, with theEnclave on Mars present in a bubble of the Throne Worldareas called Quagmire, Fluorescent Channel, Alluring Curtain, Apothecary and Court of (Thorn?)but also the choice between the basic difficulty and Legendary for the campaign with replayable missions. Moreover, everything seems to indicate that all Acolytes will have powers similar to Solar huntersthe same for knights with those of Abyssal Titans and the Cryo-electric priestesses for the Arcanistswhich is actually quite logical. On the other hand, it will be necessary to think well about killing their Spectrum so that they don’t constantly come back to life.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen ViDoc screen 01 08 02 2022 Destiny 2 The Witch Queen ViDoc screen 02 08 02 2022

Interesting detail, the Sword is a weapon from Savathunwho tried to steal it, and whose plans we will obtain during the campaign. Between extension and Season 16a total of 8 exotic weapons will be addedall of which have therefore not been revealed since there are still two missing, at least one of them being undoubtedly a reward from the Raid. The other new or reused weapons will be numerous, with no less than 50 toys to play with. And to think that the space in our trunk will remain unchanged… And on the armor side, there are two Exotics by class who will therefore come to fill our wardrobe, including three staticthere thus remain two that have not been shown since theArcanist will be entitled to boots Consuming Rift.

A new preview of the redesign of the Abyssal Doctrines is also visible, with a menu resuming the one used for the Stasis and which will generalize to Cryo-electric doctrines (chains, quick attacks) and solar (burn and heal) when Seasons 17 and 18the goal of Bungie being this year to give a facelift to our ability to Light before proposing other classes of Darkness. Again, this will involve adding “verbs” specific to each element, allowing synergies to be created with weapons and real roles.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen ViDoc screen 05 08 02 2022

Fans can otherwise enjoy some behind-the-scenes development, for example with the senior artist Tom Saville doing the motion capture of Savathun in his garage. To finish, L’Year 5 expected to feature more content than previous yearssomething to rejoice about, even if the Tangled Coast and the campaign renegades will disappear, as well as all the seasonal content of theYear 4

You can pre-order the expansion The Witch Queen at the house of Gamesplanet at a price of €35.99 if you play on PC.

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