“Destroys the sport”: Wild fight after boxing match in Magdeburg

“Destroys the sport”
Wild brawl after a boxing match in Magdeburg

Agit Kabayel just wants to enjoy his triumph. But the joy of the clear victory on points against the American Kevin Johnson is heavily clouded. Because there is a mass brawl in the audience. The reason for this is said to have been “a distress for a wheelchair user”.

The return of the audience at the boxing gala in Magdeburg was overshadowed by a mass brawl. After the unanimous victory of heavyweight boxer Agit Kabayel from Bochum against the American Kevin Johnson, fists and chairs flew in the audience, at least one steward is said to have been injured.

“When you see something like that, you are of course very sad,” said Kabayel, who is unbeaten in 21 professional fights, in the MDR: “Something like that destroys boxing. Those who cannot behave should stay at home. They now have my joy ruined the win a bit. ” The 28-year-old, who had tried in vain to calm the rioters in the ring with the microphone in hand, received a worried call from his mother immediately after the incident: “Mom is always worried.”

The riot is said to have been triggered by “a distress for a wheelchair user”, as promoter Ulf Steinforth from the organizing SES boxing stable reported: “Then the emotions boiled over. The security wanted to mediate and then practically became a victim.” For the fight on the floating stage in Magdeburg, the authorities had allowed up to 1000 viewers who tested negative. “We had 1000 spectators, 980 of whom were great guests,” summed up Steinforth: “But because of 20 idiots we now have this discussion. It’s just sad.”