Details of Patch for Orcs Must Die! 3

Shortly after the arrival of its second DLC Cold As Eyes, the game Orcs Must Die! 3 receives Patch allowing new features and two new maps in Endless mode. The game based on the massacre of orcs via traps, therefore benefits from a balancing on some traps but especially from the correction of several bugs including that of the bow. Players will also be delighted to be able to use a new option to find a teammate on the net!

You can find the full Patch Note here.

Patch details for Orcs Must Die! 3

OMD3 received an important new Patch this week with version of the game. While on paper players may not notice many new features, balancing and fixing many bugs should have an impact important in the game.

The trailer for the new OMD3 DLC!

Thus, the first important point is the balancing of several traps in the game. Orcs Must Die! 3 is all about managing, placing, and combining traps, taking down ever-increasing waves of orcs. Therefore, any modification is important since it changes the Meta. Here, the main changes are the lower price of barricades (in single or improved double version) and the pool of tar.

Indeed, these two traps are some of the most useful and effective in the game, so much so that they are listed in our Tier S of our Orcs Must Die best traps list! 3. Thus, the impact of this patch will be major because with 200 less credits to spend per barricade (or 400 for a double) new strategies will be viable in endless mode.

In addition, the developer team listened to the community who had reported many bugs in the game, including the longbow bug. Again a weapon widely used by players, the latter sometimes tended to bug, inflicting no damage.

As for what’s new, patch of Orcs Must Die! 3 added two new maps to Endless Mode. If we find (for the moment) the North Wing a little too basic for our taste, it is certain that we will have to refine our strategy to improve our score of 27 million achieved on our first try…

Additionally, new buffs and debuffs will spice up the gaming experience in Scramble mode. Enough to vary your games and revive the interest of this relatively technical game mode.

Finally, the arrival of a game mode allowing you to find a teammate to play the game directly on the net will make it easier to have fun in co-op. It remains to be seen whether communication will be easy on such a gameā€¦

Overall, this patch is a breath of fresh air for the title, a few weeks after the arrival of the second DLC. We are now waiting to see how quickly the development team will produce new content!

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