Detective Pikachu 2 is coming soon according to a game developer

The days pass and the huns are not far away we still have no news of Detective Pikachu 2 on Nintendo Switch, announced in 2019. However, it is not for lack of having had some direct from the company and even a great Pokémon Presents at the beginning of the year .

The long wait is coming to an end?

If you too believed that the trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was actually a teaser for Detective Pikachu for the first twenty seconds, it’s because you’re probably impatiently awaiting the sequel to the title on Nintendo Switch. Although the revelation of 9G in February pleased a lot of Internet users, it must be admitted that a few details such as the colors, the policeman going up the escalators, the cup of coffee or even the staging worthy of an investigation were think Detective Pikachu.

Was this intentional to remind us that the game was still in development and to test the interest of future players? In any case, it would seem that the second part is well planned in the list of the next Pokémon games.

Detective Pikachu 2 is coming soon according to a developer

This is the website Nintendo Life which reports the following information. It looks like the Senior Game Programmer at Creatures Inc. mentioned Detective Pikachu 2 on his own. LinkedIn page. Jonathan Murphy has indeed described his current position as follows:

“I’m on an unannounced project and another coming out, Detective Pikachu 2”.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

The “on the way to release” is obviously very vague but no doubt that it can refer to 2023. So, during the Pokémon Presents of February 2023 we may finally have news of the 3DS sequel! As a reminder, in the first Detective Pikachu game (long version released in Europe), the story takes place in Ryme City. You then play as Tim Goodman, a young man working in a detective agency. Your objective was then to investigate a mysterious story of Pokémon infected with substance R in the company of your faithful sidekick: a talking Pikachu. The film essentially tells the same story.

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