Determine the period – when for the third stitch? Calculator gives information

How does it work with the third stitch in Vienna? Which vaccine do I need or get – and the most burning question of all for all those who want to be vaccinated: When do I actually need the booster vaccination? The City of Vienna has now made its own refresh calculator available to answer this question.

The exact timetable for the third stitch was presented on Tuesday by Mayor Michael Ludwig, City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker and the medical director of the health network, Michael Binder.

Simplified service and expansion
However, they also want to actively approach Viennese households in the near future and send out important information about booster vaccinations by letter. The internet platform, via which the booking system for vaccinations runs, is also to be simplified, and a new service has now also been added.

This is how the calculator works:
The so-called refresh calculator can now also be found there, with which the person wishing to vaccinate can individually calculate the time for his third sting.
You will need information about the date of the primary vaccination, which vaccine you received and which age group you belong to. In addition, you can choose whether you belong to a special occupational or risk group.

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