Detox juice treatment: Healthy and easy to detoxify the body

Do you want to do something good for your body and try a detox juice cure? Then we have a few tips for you on how you can be successful and properly detoxify your body.

Do you want a healthy, vital body that is ready for sport and does not cause you digestive problems? We have a tip for you. How about a detox juice regimen? It not only supports the body in detoxification and takes care of you healthy gastrointestinal tract, but also helps get rid of pesky pounds, as various users report. We’ll tell you here how such a detox juice cure works and what you have to pay attention to.

Buy or do it yourself?

Anyone who decides on a detox juice regimen is faced with a big question: should I buy a prepared juice regimen from one of the well-known manufacturers such as Frank Juice or Berioo? Or would I rather make my own juices with one Juicer? In both cases, we know what’s inside, because that’s what it says on the packaging of the pre-made juices. To already Develop a new and healthier awareness of food during the cure and to build it up, it is of course worthwhile to produce yourself.

So that you don’t just mix up some fruit and vegetables and the result may not taste good at all, it’s worth it Recipe book for the detox juice diet. In it you will not only find great ideas for interesting juices, but you will also learn something about nutrition.

Which detox juice regimen is the right one?

Do you want your work and the Save space in the kitchen, then you are just as well served with a purchased juice treatment. However, the selection of juice cures feels infinite. You have to rummage through various manufacturers before you can find a suitable one. We save you this work and show you the best juice cures.

The Frank Juice cure

When choosing the right package, the classification on your part is important. If you are a beginner when it comes to Juice Cleanse, then this is the right one 3-day juice treatment from Frank Juice preferably. For advanced users, the 5-day course is the optimal choice and for professionals it can be seven days. If you are interested in the starter package to have a smooth introduction to the topic, you will receive a total of 18 bottles of 330 ml each, i.e. six per day (1x green, 1x gold, 1x green plus, 1x yellow, 1x red and 1x White).

Pressable Detox Juice Treatment

Zero flavor enhancers, zero colorings and that in 250 ml bottles. What more do you want if you want to eat healthily? the 3 days Total Juice Treatment from Pressbar promises one fruity, natural and intense taste with 17 different types of fruit and vegetables. There are also six bottles a day that can be consumed. If you can’t manage six bottles a day, that’s no problem. But so that you do not get attacked by annoying food cravings in between, it is better to use the sixth bottle.

Berioo juice treatment

Healthy is good. The manufacturers of the Berioo juice cures that you in 18 glass bottles to be delivered. As with the previous manufacturers, you have six bottles per day at your disposal with a three-day juice diet. One or five days are also possible here. What can you expect in terms of taste? The following varieties are available in the package:

  • Apple, mango, turmeric
  • Apple, kale, ginger
  • Carrot, mint, matcha
  • Almond, banana, blueberry
  • Apple, elderberry, guarana
  • Mango, beetroot, spinach

LiveFresh with a great juice treatment

Green love, gold intoxication, red rocket, hello wake up, green feelings and red grenade. These are the names of the juices that you use in the LiveFresh juice treatment receive. And that’s not all, because There are three shots with the total of 21 bottles á three days on top. Because with LiveFresh it is not six bottles a day, but seven. Instructions are included:

  1. Hello awake (with vitamin C and guarana) + ginger boost
  2. Red garnet (with 100% natural pomegranate)
  3. Green love (kale, spinach, cucumber) + turmeric boost
  4. Red rocket (beetroot)
  5. Green feelings (kale, fruit-based spinach)
  6. Gold Rausch (multi-juice with vitamins A and C) + green energy
  7. Green feelings

So you take a juice regimen

Solid food is of course taboo during a juice diet. So that you don’t get hungry during this time, we recommend drinking the juices two to two and a half hours apart. Start with the first bottle after getting up, it is your breakfast. You can easily recognize them by the numbering on the bottles. Then the other juices follow until the last one consumed before 8 p.m. should be used to give the stomach enough rest before going to bed.

In addition to water and unsweetened Herbal teas you can eat a vegetable broth in the evening. Not only is it gentle on the stomach, but also provides a different taste after six juices in the evening.

What do I have to consider before the juice treatment?

Preparing for a detox juice regimen is the be-all and end-all of the success of such a regimen. To relieve the body and enjoy the juice treatment, you should refrain from using harmful substances two to three days before the start. These include coffee, sugar, alcohol, animal products and cigarettes. The change from solid to liquid food is enough effort for the body, so it shouldn’t have to work with withdrawal at the same time. The withdrawal symptoms are similar with these substances, it can lead to headaches and dizziness. So if you start doing without three days before the juice diet, the detox will also work out easier. Because detox ultimately means nothing else than detoxifying yourself and alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and sugar are just poison for the body.

What the nourishment is concerned, you should shut down a bit here as well. Therefore, eat easily digestible foods, so rice, legumes, fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is particularly important to take before, during and after the treatment at least two liters of water a dayto flush the kidneys.

The enemy of the gut

Incidentally, the same applies to the diet afterwards. The purged body should be kept as fit as possible. One Change in eating habits is therefore also part of a juice cure. Instead of burgers, pizza and pasta are made from wheat Whole grains the better choice. Your intestines will also thank you for this, which of course can process whole grains and other easily digestible products much more easily than wheat. Why this? Because wheat contains sugar and not too little of it. Sugar is considered one of the enemies of the intestine. So that he also has fun with our food, we recommend at least this Avoiding too much wheat. Healthy recipes make it easier for you to start a new eating behavior after the juice diet.

How do I behave during a detox juice regimen?

In addition to the right diet, the environment before and after the detox juice cure is of course recommended. What good is a detox juice cure if you don’t go through with it due to too much stress in everyday life or if you fall for coffee or cigarettes because your colleagues “do it too”? Nothing! That is why a Vacation ideal for detoxing. With rest you purify not only your body but also your soul. An important point in detoxing. You don’t have to do without sport completely either. Pilates, yoga or walking are ideal sports for the detox period. However, stops cardio and strength training during this time.

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