Deutsche Stiko: For vaccinations from the age of twelve

After careful evaluation of new scientific observations and data, the assessment came to the conclusion that “according to the current state of knowledge, the advantages of vaccination outweigh the risk of very rare vaccine side effects”, the panel announced on Monday and referred to a draft resolution. The official recommendation text is not yet available, changes are still possible in a coordination process with the 16 German federal states and specialist groups. The recommendations of the Stiko serve as a template for the federal states for their public vaccination recommendations.

In the past few weeks, the Stiko had repeatedly been asked by various politicians to reconsider its cautious stance on vaccinating children and adolescents from the age of twelve. So far, the committee has recommended immunization in the age group above all to those who have certain pre-existing conditions such as obesity or chronic lung diseases – or people with a particular corona risk in their environment.