“Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: Anniversary season with Dieter Bohlen not the end after all?

“Germany seeks the superstar”
Anniversary season with Dieter Bohlen not the end?

Dieter Bohlen is back on the jury in the 20th “DSDS” season.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

RTL has announced that the 20th season of “DSDS” should be the last. UFA boss Nico Hofmann speaks of a “restart of the show”.

Many fans of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” recently cheered, but were shocked at the same time. RTL had announced that cult juror Dieter Bohlen (68) was returning for the upcoming anniversary season. At the same time, however, the broadcaster revealed that it was the last season of the successful show (also on RTL+) should be. However, the film and television producer and UFA boss Nico Hofmann (62) does not believe that the program, which is produced by UFA Show & Factual, will be buried after the anniversary.

The Silbereisen attempt was “correct”

“I think RTL’s approach to making the entire program more family-friendly is the right one,” Hofmann tells “Bild am Sonntag”. It was therefore also right for him to “try out a more family-friendly variant with Florian Silbereisen. And Florian moderated very well.”

The 40-year-old entertainer sat next to Ilse DeLange (45) and Toby Gad (54) on the jury this year after RTL announced in March 2021 that Bohlen would not be part of the 19th season. A few days ago, when Bohlen’s return was announced, the broadcaster confirmed that the jury trio would not return for the anniversary. Instead, they are working on new formats with Silbereisen.

Meanwhile, Hofmann has been “having a close relationship with Pop-Titan Bohlen for years” and he appreciates him “because he’s someone who constantly steps on your toes and is critical of our common business”. The UFA boss is of the opinion: “In this respect, the anniversary edition of ‘DSDS’ with the return of Dieter Bohlen is a restart of the show – and no further-so. And certainly no funeral. I’m very excited about what’s going on with the format everything still works.”

Ideas for further formats with Dieter Bohlen

Bohlen could also soon be seen in new TV formats. “There are many plans with Dieter,” says Hofmann, who wants to meet the producer and singer next month. The “quality of content and the uniqueness of the new show ideas” are decisive. “Dieter is a good advisor” in this area. So fans can obviously be curious to see what the UFA and Pop-Titan will do together in the future.


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