“Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: Dieter Bohlen announces a surprising new season

“Germany seeks the superstar”
Dieter Bohlen announces a surprising new season

Dieter Bohlen is looking forward to the new season of “DSDS”.

© RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

Actually, after the anniversary season, “DSDS” should be over. Dieter Bohlen has now announced that the show will continue.

“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is getting another season! Dieter Bohlen (69) announced this in the first live show of the format, which RTL (and RTL+) will be shown. Originally, “DSDS” was supposed to end with the anniversary season. “There is a 21st season! I’m happy!” Said the pop titan now. RTL has now confirmed the new season on the website and emphasized that this is not an April Fool’s joke.

The cult show is also about to change: in the future, talents from all age groups will be able to take part in the format. So far, only singers over the age of 16 have been able to come to the “DSDS” casting. “Apply now!” said the 69-year-old, opening the application phase for the surprise relay.

The new program director of RTL/RTL+, Inga Leschek, is also happy. Together with her team, she wants to inspire viewers with the program. “This has already been very successful with the 20th season of ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’,” she said. The popularity of the fans was significantly higher than in the previous year. “This positive response has prompted us to continue with DSDS in 2024.”

The pop titan believed in the casting show

For Bohlen, the “DSDS” end was not yet certain. “I think that ultimately the viewers will decide,” he said in an interview with “Stern” magazine. According to Bohlen, his “feeling” tells him “that it won’t be the last season”. Now it turns out that the juror was right.


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