“Deutschland sucht den Superstar”: Harry Laffontien wins – and Dieter Bohlen sends greetings

“Germany seeks the superstar”
Harry Laffontien wins – and Dieter Bohlen sends greetings

Harry Laffontien won “DSDS” – Dieter Bohlen sent him a message.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius / RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Harry Laffontien won “DSDS” on Saturday evening. In the final, ex-juror Dieter Bohlen surprisingly sent a greeting.

Harry Laffontien (21) is Germany’s new superstar. The singer won the final of the 19th season of the talent show “DSDS” (on RTL or via RTL+). The circus artist prevailed against brother Gianni Laffontien (17), Amber van den Elzen (20) and Melissa Mantzoukis (18). There was a prominent video greeting for the finalists on the show.

Ex-juror addresses words to finalists

“There is a very, very big fan of yours who keeps his fingers crossed for you,” said juror Florian Silbereisen (40) with the candidates. Then the hit star played a video on the big screen. Surprisingly and with applause from the audience, ex-juror Dieter Bohlen (68) appeared in a clip and wished the finalists “all the best for tonight, that you realize your dream today, just like the winner, Pietro Lombardi, we have yesterday released a record, it’s already number 1 everywhere and that’s exactly what I wish you all”. At the beginning of 2021 it became known that Bohlen would no longer be part of the casting show after season 18.

After his victory, Harry Laffontien got a contract with Universal Music and a prize money of 100,000 euros. In the RTL interview the singer explains that he wants to support his family with the winnings: “I will try to do everything possible so that we can settle down with the family and lead a good life together.”

Even before the finale, Silbereisen had chosen the musician as his favorite to win. “Harry is my favorite to win ‘DSDS 2022’,” he said in the “image” interview. For him he definitely has the best male voice in the competition and at the age of 21 he mastered every challenge on the show with flying colors.


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