Deva Cassel: Bewitching in undress, she still impresses adorned with luxury jewelry

Recently, we notably saw him in a duet with his current wife, the model Tina Kunakey for The Kooples, a shoot that had been particularly talked about. The young woman, who therefore shares this passion for fashion with her daughter-in-law, must get on particularly well with her, moreover: the two are only 7 years apart and must have things to tell each other about this particular universe!

And Deva Cassel does not intend to stop there! If the young girl recently paraded in front of her mother for one of the first times in her life, she intends to impose herself in the first names in fashion thanks to her face and her characteristic black hair. Could she become the new Bella Hadid or the new Kylie Jenner? Only the future will tell us, especially since the young woman could also prefer the cinema.

After all, a large part of his family is also part of the scene: in addition to his parents, his grandfather, Jean-Pierre Cassel, was a great actor until his death in 2007. His aunt, Cécile Cassel (who is also music under the name of Hollysiz) is also an actress.

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