Development in Tyrol – 89 new infections, 21 Covid patients in the hospital

Update, Thursday, July 8, 2021, 12.40 p.m .: Since Wednesday there have been 17 new cases of Covid infection in Tyrol, in the same period four people were considered to have recovered. According to the current state of knowledge, at least seven infected people are related to trips abroad – especially to Spain. In other cases, the surveys are still ongoing. Elmar Rizzoli, Head of the Corona Task Force, describes how the infection cases are currently behaving in Tyrol: “While we recorded a cluster with three people after returning from a trip at the beginning of the week, this has already grown to six people, for example, as there are now more positive ones Tests of the returnee group are available. Currently it is mainly young people who are currently infected with the coronavirus after traveling. Anyone returning from a trip to Tyrol is therefore urged to use a PCR test so that further spreading within Tyrol can be prevented early and quickly. ”