Devolver Direct: The Return of Volvy, the delirious annual presentation of the dated publisher

Every yearin parallel with the conferences of the period ofE3even when the latter does not take place, and now from Summer Game Fest, the editor Developer Digital broadcasts a pre-recorded video to communicate about its productions. The particularity of these presentations is that they are themselves an attraction in their own right in the form of a totally delirious short film with its characters that we take pleasure in finding, who do not hesitate to criticize the excesses of the video game industry. After the MaxPass+ Showcase of 2021 and the Marketing Countdown to Marketing of last year involving Suda51, what to expect for this 2023 edition ?

Well, this new Devolver Direct will bring back some Volvywhich the publisher will know how to introduce better than us:

The 2023 edition of the video game planet’s flagship marketing event promises new announcements, playable demos and a number of surprises, including the long-awaited return, between reboot and rebirth, of the most stylish mascot in the world… Volvy !

Introduced over 30 years ago in his first solo game called Field Run, Volvy has since been featured in several Devolver titles such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, Gris, My Friend Pedro, Ape Out, Pikuniku and Cult of the Lamb, among other high-sounding names that made the fame and fortune of the biggest of the small video game publishers (or the smallest of the big publishers? We don’t really know anymore). For generations of players, it all started with him. She’s the industry’s cultural icon, more influential than any political Jupiter or reality TV star.

And on June 8, at 11:59 p.m., Volvy is making a comeback.

Join us, alongside original Volvy creator Ronathan Trodfield, as we explore the future of gaming. Yes again.

How ? You never heard of Volvy ? It flows from source since this mascot obviously does not exist, sorry to tell you that your whole life has been a lie. Well, we’re not immune to that this character created from scratch for this Devolver Direct: The Return of Volvy truly entitled to cameos in the publisher’s titles. Let’s hope that Nina Struthers (Mahria Zook) returns from “Future Future” on this occasion.

More concretely, after the significant announcements of The Talos Principle 2 And Never will during the Playstation Showcaseas well as an overview of gameplay of The Plucky Squire, these are four previously unreleased games which we will be able to discover during the presentation next week, Thursday June 8 at 11:59 p.m.. We’ll add the link to watch it (or watch it again) when it becomes available.

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