Devoured by flames: the real Rosa Peral claims copyright for the Netflix series

Currently in prison, criminal Rosa Peral, whose life was adapted on Netflix in the series “Devoured by Flames”, is demanding money from the platform.

In the top views on Netflix since it went online, Devoured by Flames is the new Spanish hit of the moment on the platform. This eight-episode series, written by Laura Sarmiento and directed by Jorge Torregrossa and Laura Mañá, is based on the true story of Rosa Peral and the “Municipal Police Crime” case.

This thriller marks the return to the screen of Úrsula Corberó, the unforgettable interpreter of Tokyo in La Casa de Papel, in the role of Rosa Peral, a Barcelona municipal police officer who was convicted in 2019 of the murder of her boyfriend, Pedro Rodríguez, found burned in 2017 in a car. The young woman acted with the complicity of her lover Albert López, also convicted in this case which received a lot of media attention.

The investigation revealed a network of toxic relationships, lies, violence and sexual scandals involving several police officers and the most scandalous and darkest affair to occur in Spain in recent years, as recalled El País.

Rosa Peral demands money from the production company of the series Devoured by Flames

This series about a controversial affair seems to have found its audience on Netflix, since Devoured by Flames is currently fifth in the platform’s top viewing charts. But the real Rosa Peral doesn’t see it that way. The one who was found guilty and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison had already tried to have the series canceled.

Although this request was unsuccessful, Rosa Peral managed to negotiate, through her lawyer, some conditions regarding the adaptation of the case with the production company. Thus, the identity of his two daughters is protected and the series Devoured by the Flames only features one child.


The real name of the girls’ father is not mentioned either, nor that of his partner, both police officers. Ditto for the police officer who would have been the author of the distribution of images of Rosa Peral naked.

Today she has decided to attack the production company of the series to receive royalties from the Mas Enric prison in Tarragona). Rosa Peral needs money because justice imposes financial compensation of 800,000 euros on her for the family of the deceased, as recalled Readings.

If Rosa Peral succeeds in obtaining money from the production company of Eaten by Flames, it would go entirely to the widow and son of Pedro Rodríguez. The condemned can attack the fiction Devoured by the Flames as much as request financial compensation for From Prison: Rosa’s Version, a documentary film which retraces the affair from the point of view of the main person concerned, which is also available on Netflix.

In the meantime, the controversial series is enjoying some success on the platform thanks to the presence and performance of Úrsula Corberó, who plays Rosa Peral, but also José Manuel Poga (César Gandía in La Casa de Papel), who plays Pedro, and Quim Gutiérrez (recently seen in Robin Campillo’s Red Island), who plays Albert.

The series Devoured by Flames is available on Netflix.

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