DFB: So the network laughs at the disaster against Spain

On the net, the German national soccer team causes a lot of ridicule with their 6-0 debacle against Spain.

November 17, 2020 will go down in the history of German football. With a 0: 6 against Spain, the DFB-Elf recorded one of the biggest defeats they have ever had to deal with. In 1931, almost 90 years ago, the German national soccer team lost 6-0 for the last time – then against Austria. A powerful embarrassment, which of course causes plenty of scorn and ridicule on the internet. Numerous users make use of current events from world politics, popular songs or iconic football moments, among other things, to make fun of the DFB team and national coach Joachim Löw (60).

Between disaster tourism and distance rules

Around 7.34 million viewers saw the defeat of Löw's team on average. A Twitter user then asked about: "Are they still fans or disaster tourists?" Another user's answer: "Gaffer". At least the players showed themselves according to another user as good role models during the Corona crisis: "Just as his boys kept their distance from strangers yesterday, avoided contacts and achieved a negative result, Jogi Löw should perhaps become German health minister instead of team boss in the future."

"Löw has finished. Definitely", tweeted a user meanwhile, alluding to a press conference of the former Bayern coach Giovanni Trapattoni (81) from 1998, whose statement "I have finished" became a popular phrase. "Germany is almost playing Brazilian", the social media team of the NDR satire format "extra 3" reported to speak – based on the historical 1: 7 defeat of Brazil against the German national team at the 2014 World Cup in their own country.

"How can you miss someone so badly as I am at this moment", posted another user. He shared pictures of the former national players Jérôme Boateng (32), Mats Hummels (31) and Thomas Müller (31) for the slightly modified line of text from the song "Missing" by rapper Juju (27) and singer Henning May (28).

What Trump can do …

Just as Donald Trump (74) does not want to acknowledge his defeat against challenger Joe Biden (77), there are also some football fans who – satirically of course – want to use the same tactics as the 45th President of the United States after the lost election. "My lawyers are already preparing the lawsuit. There was a wrong count in Seville", explains a userwhile another "WE WON THIS GAME! BY A LOT!" roars into the Twitter sphere. Another calls in the manner of Trump and his followers: "STOP THE COUNT!"

Even the fashion world had to serve for the sarcastic comments about the game. Radio presenter Tobi Schäfer (40) wrote about "Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their national team." and published a corresponding screenshot from Löw. The saying is an allusion to a controversial quote from the late fashion tsar Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019, "Lagerfeld Classic").

Another user meanwhile remembered itWhat happened to the German football legend Toni Schumacher (66) in 1999: "Toni Schumacher was fired as a coach at half-time. You can do that." In other respects, too, some football fans called for Löw's immediate dismissal. One of them even has a replacement candidate ready: "Cozy course over: Mario Basler as national coach, now!"