Diablo 4 is free right now, but you shouldn’t hang around!

Diablo 4 is playable for free for a limited time and you don’t have to wait! This is the chance or never to discover season 4 without having to pay. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to benefit from it.

Launched in June 2023, Diablo 4 quickly established itself as a true monument of hack’n slash. It sold faster than any other game in the license, broke attendance records and made Blizzard’s heyday for a few weeks. But now, quickly, the players set sail. The studio shot itself in the leg with its very first seasonal patch and then tried to patch things up with updates, and the redundancy of some gameplay loops ended up wearing players out. Yes, but that was before the massive Season 4 update.

Diablo 4 is free for a limited time, now is the time to test season 4!

The latest Diablo 4 update, “Loot Reborn,” has completely reshuffled the cards. A ton of new features, a slew of improvements and readjustments of all kinds. Everything, or almost everything, has changed. The developers hope to bring back old players and attract new ones. This is why Diablo 4 is launching a large-scale seduction operation. From now on, it is possible to download Diablo 4 for free and take advantage of a limited time trial version.

From now until May 21, Diablo 4 is free up to level 20. All associated content will be available and this will allow you to get an idea of ​​what awaits you in the final game even if, as we know, it is especially the endgame that matters the most in this type of game. Whatever in any case, you will be able to discover how the new loot system works and the adjustments made to leveling up, more flexible and pleasant than before. Up to level 20, you will be able to discover the first chapters of the Diablo 4 story, and explore some areas of the open world map. You should also be able to unlock enough skills to get your hands on your hero’s class and touch some nice pieces of gear.

Unfortunately, this offer is currently only valid via Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher on PC. The advantage is that the game does not consume a lot of resources and therefore does not require a war machine to run. You can absolutely get an idea by taking advantage of the free trial of Diablo 4 and then take the plunge on a home console if you prefer. Either way, if you want to take advantage of the free offer, it’s now!

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