Diablo 4: Leak of the gameplay of an alpha build – Diablo IV

After a massive leak of GTA 6, probably one of the most important that the video game scene has experienced so far, it’s the turn of another expected game, to a lesser extent, to see its gameplay released before time.

Diablo IV gameplay leak

Two videos, one of five minutes and the other of about forty, have been shared on the web, allowing to have a first glimpse of what the experience will be like. Diablo IV. However, before going further into the details, know that all this comes from a test phase, which therefore means that the rendering will not be the same, in particular because there is still work to be done on the optimization. or some features, not to mention the textures that just aren’t there.

In these various videos, shared on Reddit, and recorded, it seems, via Discord, we can mostly see world exploration and some fighting. The 38-minute video shows that players will indeed travel in an open world, with more freedom than in other episodes of the franchise.

As you will see, if you want to watch the videos, Blizzard had watermarked the person’s ID, which should allow the studios to trace the author of this leak, and prevent this from happening again. . Note that other tests, still private, will take place in the coming months, including a closed beta, to which you can also register now.

The release date of Diablo 4 is not yet known, but we should see the game land in the year 2023.

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