Diablo Immortal has a annoying bug with HDR displays on PC, but there’s a fix

Whether Diablo Immortal is not confronted with very significant bugs on smartphone, its port on PC is still wobbly: it is a beta. But there is one particular bug that has been noticed with HDR displays. Fortunately, a solution exists.

Diablo Immortal is above all a video game on mobile, but it is also a title that exists on computer. Blizzard has decided to bring its famous hack’n’slash to PC on June 2, 2022, to offer an alternative experience. It is therefore possible to start your game on your smartphone with the touch screen and continue it later with the keyboard and mouse, at home.

The problem is that the development of the PC version is not at all at the same stage as the mobile version. The studio, of course, recalls it both in the game itself and in the client: it’s an open beta, there may be bugs. Several concerns are also identified by the studio. A future patch will fix them.

However, there is a bug that is particularly disabling and persistent: that of HDR screens. These screens have the specificity of extending the range of brightness between the dark and light points of an image. The contrast is much more pronounced, the colors more vibrant and the shadows are more detailed. The rendering is pleasant when it works.

Colors that are a little too pronounced. We are close to retinal breakdown. // Source: Blizzard

But with Diablo Immortal, it doesn’t work for the simple reason that these screens aren’t supported yet — no wonder, it’s still a beta and it’s expected that at this stage not everything will work perfectly. Result: the colors are saturated and runny. Certain segments of the game are difficult to read and, above all, the artistic direction of Diablo is overwritten.

Impossible to miss the problem when you have such a screen, since it is literally obvious. Numerous threads have been started on the official Blizzard forums alerting the studio to the issue — and asking for either an emergency fix or a temporary workaround. The screenshot below gives an overview of these queries.

HDR Blizzard forum Diablo Immortal
Players have legitimate complaints. // Source: Google screenshot

Correct the colors of Diablo Immortal on PC with an HDR screen

This problem, the editorial staff of Numerama also found it: if the game is displayed properly on a smartphone, it is a painful experience on a PC with an HDR screen. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround to implement, at least on some screens. On ours it worked without needing to restart the computer.

This is the process with a PC running Windows 10.

  • Bring your desktop to the screen (and don’t launch the game yet);
  • Right-click with the mouse in a free area;
  • Click on “Display settings” in the pop-up menu;
  • Uncheck the “Use HDR” option in the new window. The button should turn gray, with the mention “Disabled”.
Windows HDR
One click and it’s done. // Source: Screenshot

At that point, your screen will likely respond by appearing to turn off for a moment. It is the monitor that adjusts its settings to display a new image, without HDR. Displaying without HDR may confuse you for a few seconds, as the display’s color gamut and brightness will have changed. Your eyesight will eventually acclimate to it after a while.

  • Then close the settings window;
  • Open the client;
  • Launch Diablo Immortal ;
  • That’s all !

If that doesn’t work, maybe restarting the PC with unchecking the option may be necessary. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to opt for another method – we haven’t tried them – or wait for Blizzard to push out a dedicated patch. In the meantime, reactivating the HDR display is very simple: just repeat the procedure and check the option.

Two rooms, two atmospheres.

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