Diablo Immortal: It exchanges 600 million gold on WoW against 50K $ of Legendary Gems

Some players have extreme hobbies, and it’s sure to get people talking. Few years ago, Daymeeuhn bought No Man’s Sky before its release against more than 1300 dollars, before starting to leak videos of the game which turned out to be incredibly disappointing. It made a lot of noise at the time, and now it’s taken on Diablo Immortal, but from a different angle, that of one of the biggest whales in the game, with 7000 Resonance and a budget of 50,000 dollars. This allows him to rub shoulders with other monsters in battlegrounds, like Megashield, which made for some interesting matchups. He explained all this in detail in a post in english on Reddithere are explanations in French of his actions and strategy, as well as some background to help you understand the process.

7000 Resonance, when an F2P player struggles to reach 300.

WoW Tokens as payment method in Diablo Immortal

It’s not so much the use of the 50,000 dollars in Diablo Immortal that’s interesting, but the way he got all that money, since he wouldn’t have paid anything directly from his pocket, and everything comes from of the WoW token trading system. It’s been a few years since Blizzard has introduced a system of converting gold into WoW tokens in its MMO. It allows players to convert their gold into tokens, which can then be used to pay for their subscription, which turns out to be a good deal for less fortunate players.

The WoW Token.  - Diablo Immortal
The WoW Token.

WoW tokens can also be redeemed in the wallet for 20 euros (or 15 dollars) in order to then make further purchases in the Blizzard Shop and in-game, and in this case, Diablo Immortal. Daymeeuhn is said to have used the system to the extreme, as he converted $50,000 worth of WoW tokens, or around 600 million gold, which is an outrageous sum, if not seemingly impossible to obtain normally. .

Exchange WoW Token in Wallet.  - Diablo Immortal
Exchange WoW Token in Wallet.

How to get 600 million gold in World of Warcraft?

The problem in all of this is how he was able to get so much in-game gold. If it’s any reassurance, he didn’t farm it all himself. Instead, he used an item of great value, which he had in large quantities, BlizzCon loot cards. Daymeeuhn held a stockpile of the BlizzCon loot cards distributed over the years by Blizzard. As a participant in the event, he was buying the physical scratch cards from other BlizzCon attendees who didn’t really want them, in exchange for some cash. The objective was then to resell these cards online for real money in order to make a significant margin. Unfortunately, there are many scams in this area, so he preferred to forget the idea, after losing a few codes without touching anything. He kept his cards in stock over time, and they have gone up in value ever since. When he realized Diablo Immortal was coming to PC, he realized by extension that WoW Tokens were becoming an in-game currency. gold of WoW, greatly amused him, and motivated him to take on this challenge.

A BlizzCon Loot Map.  - Diablo Immortal
A BlizzCon Loot Map.

He therefore spent a month scratching his loot cards, entering the codes, and reselling objects like the Spectral Tiger (which are not linked) on Discord servers specialized in transactions of the genre, in exchange for absurd amounts. of gold in play. They easily start at 5 or 6 million gold these days, or approximately 500 euros. It didn’t go through the auction house, but exchanging items for in-game gold is completely legal, and approved by Blizzard, unlike exchanging them for real money. He thus avoided the risk of being banned.

He also allegedly caused a prolonged shortage of WoW Tokens on his server when exchanging his stock of gold, which certainly turned out to be a nuisance for quite a few players.

Naecabon, a few days before finishing his farming.  - Diablo Immortal
Naecabon, a few days before finishing his farming.

Some figures on his character

He obviously did better with his money than some of the big streamers and whales who claim to have paid $100,000, as he’s faced quite a few in battlegrounds, and he decimated their character with his Necromancer by the name of Naecabon, located on the US Prime Evils server.

In addition to its 6 Rank 10 gems, it has 6,497 Runes, collected throughout 2,165 Ancestral Rifts completed since launch. This corresponds to $48,648, or 3,243 WoW Tokens. With such amounts, it was impossible to convert everything into Legendary Gems in one day, and it took him almost 3 weeks. His character has 7000 resonance, and he has already passed the level 90 Probationary Rifts. With such amounts, he considers it much more profitable to do the Probationary Rifts manually, rather than buying the Legendary Gems 5 Stars vs. Platinum at the market, which might explain the difference with the other whales, though odds are Quin69 doesn’t agree. In any case, it is much longer.

Players on the server can see who was the first to break Probation Rift records.  - Diablo Immortal
Players on the server can see who was the first to break Probation Rift records.

In any case, he succeeded in creating a whale based solely on gold. We can still discuss the initial purchase of Loot Cards, which probably cost him between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. This causes his character to still ask him for a pecuniary investment at the time, even though it was actually converted into gold, before being transferred to the Wallet.

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