Diablo Immortal: The Game’s First Big Update Arrives September 28

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4 months after its release, Diablo Immortal will finally receive its first major update, adding in particular the continuation of the main quest.

Despite many problems around its economic system, Diablo Immortal, the Ugly Duckling of the Diablo license, will finally have the right to its first major update. Scheduled for September 28this update will add a whole new dungeon and the continuation of the main quest, the Silent monastery.

This dungeon will be punctuated by the search for sources of light in order to illuminate the places and weaken the nightmares which will attempt to prevent players from reaching the Heart of Darkness. Among the new features that will arrive with the update, a new feature will replace the troop camp. The troops of wars will be able to settle in the old fortress of the castle of Cyrangar and will have for mission to defend it in order to obtain rewards.

Season 5 of the battle pass will start the next day and will include new challenges, new rewards, and a new cosmetic item. Finally, Izilech the Deformedthe fifth boss of the infernal reliquary will be available from October 2.

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