Diablo Immortal will be available on June 2 on mobile but also PC

Last minute surprise intended to make people forget for good the awkward announcement of BlizzCon 2018, this Diablo whose story takes place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 will therefore also be playable on PC from June 2 as part of an open beta. In addition to providing basic information on the game, including the classes available, the official site allows players to register on its preferred platform, knowing that Blizzard and NetEase Games already have 30 million curious people.

Although playable on PC, Blizzard continues to qualify Diablo Immortal episode “designed for mobile”, knowing that cross-play and shared progression will be there. The fact that the PC version is going into open beta suggests that Blizzard will pay attention to purist impressions starting June 2. “At the end of the open beta on PC, you will be able to keep your progress and all your purchases“, confirms the press release in any case. In addition, whether you play on mobile or PC, Diablo Immortal will be compatible with controllers.

We have never released a Diablo game of such magnitude. Diablo Immortal will feature more different areas, countless unique encounters, and all kinds of satisfying ways to decimate demons. Diablo Immortal is also the first MMOARPG in the Diablo franchise: players will have the ability to build relationships, play and explore the world freely with others in a revolutionary way.“, can we read.

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