Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2 on iOS and Android, but also on PC with a beta

The financial statements of some large companies are starting to take place and Blizzard holds its own today, on the sidelines of the presentation of Diablo Immortal, who had promised us news during a stream. The spin-off has therefore unveiled new images, and Blizzard had two major announcements for us: the one concerning the release date of the mobile game, and the one consisting in telling us that ultimately, it would not be just a game. mobile.

Don’t really need a phone after all

So we first learn that Diablo Immortal will arrive in free-to-play on iOS and Android platforms from June 2. It is already possible to pre-register on the official website.

But the announcement that many will remember will undoubtedly be that of a PC version for the game, which will open its beta on the same date, June 2. It will be a complete version, with all the content, but Blizzard warns that this version will still be likely to receive many adjustments (given that the gameplay must be adapted from mobile).

We must believe that Blizzard has learned the lesson of the famous ” don’t you guys not have phone? from BlizzCon 2018, which garnered a torrent of hatred towards the game and the publisher. As its betas progressed, the title still managed to regain interest with the public, but Blizzard undoubtedly realized that abandoning the PC was risky for the saga.

Until the title is released, you can find more gameplay in the presentation that took place today, available for replay below.

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