Diana June: That’s why she broke up with her husband

Diana June
She broke up with her husband

Blogger Diana June

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Diana June and her husband David go their separate ways. The influencer announced this via social media. There should be several reasons for the marriage.

Other women, lack of interest in their son and a “locked up” existence; These are only three of the reasons behind blogger Diana June and David’s marriage. “It’s not a shame, certainly it isn’t,” she clarifies on Instagram and explains to her followers how she is doing with the decision.

Diana June’s ex-husband was in contact with other women

Diana and David tied the knot in November 2019. At the time, the influencer was pregnant with her son Adrian, who will see the light of day in 2020. It seems to be the longed-for happy ending that so many wished for the couple. Because in 2018 Diana June’s first child died just a few days after the birth. The couple managed to overcome this stroke of fate together – but now it’s all over.

Diana June explains via Instagram how the separation came about: “I know that there is a lot of speculation and many have already thought so, so I would like to officially announce that I have split up. Adrian and I no longer live in Berlin and that also has a lot of reasons. ” And further:

“It is not a shame, certainly it is not, I have ignored all the Red Flags and what you have seen so far was my decision to show you, but unfortunately not the reality of the person. I tried with all my might to keep this family together and cannot tolerate further humiliations, let alone other women. [sic]”

In an interview with “Bunte”, little Adrian’s mother reveals that it was not the first separation, but that she kept coming back to her husband. The first time she found out about the contact between her husband and another woman was on her birthday – she was pregnant with Adrian at the time.

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Now she has left the property in Berlin, “because I no longer wanted to live locked up,” explains Diana.

Diana June and her son are happy

In addition, according to Diana June’s statements, David would have shown little interest in Adrian. But she doesn’t need condolences or compassion. She assures her fans that she and Adrian are happy and well. “And I’ll protect that with all my might, come what may.”

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