Diane Chatelet (Case Concluded) “exhausted”: she talks about her daily life

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Diane Chatelet made some secrets about her family life in the columns of Purepeople.com. Very busy, the buyer of Affaire Conclue tries to reconcile her life as a mother and her professional life.

Diane Chatelet is one of the buyers ofDeal done. If she is fulfilled by her private life, she is also the mother of two children, Hortense and Eleonore (7 and 5 years old). Despite a very busy schedule, her children remain her priority, “with whom (she) wants to be and enjoy”she revealed in an interview with Purepeople.com. In order to reconcile her life as a mother and her professional life, she is trying to find a balance despite the filming of the France 2 program. “We are necessarily obliged to organize ourselves. I have a schedule at home with my husband. He and I have to travel regularly for work, so we take turns a lot. He helps me a lot”she said.

During this interview, Diane Chatelet also returned to the choices she had to make because her schedule was too intense.I can’t do it all at once. I obviously have the shootings which take a bit of time, I hunt a lot, that’s what I like the most in the job, I also go to auction rooms a lot and I do brokerage – they are collectors or private individuals who want to buy or sell works of art and who ask me to find a buyer or a seller. All that takes me a lot of time and having this shop to run, from Friday to Monday, was a huge amount of work. I’m starting to run out of steam, to exhaust myself, and there I take the opportunity to ease off a bit and start these new projects that were slow to come because I no longer had the time”she explained.

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“We favor our children”

And when they have the opportunity to spend time together, the little family savors the good times. “As my children are still small, I really want to see them and enjoy them so we do a lot of activities, we really try to give them a cultural richness. We do visits, walks, a wide variety of things… And we make concessions on what we want and we obviously favor our children”, confided Diane Chatelet.

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