Diane Kruger: She talks about her protective instincts

Diane Kruger
She talks about her protective instinct

Diane Kruger on her protective instinct

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Diane Kruger is one of the German exceptions who made it to Hollywood. She has changed for her daughter.

For the Hollywood actress, her daughter is everything. In an interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine” Diane Kruger (45) has now revealed how she changed the birth of her daughter.

The film star, who grew up in Algermissen in Lower Saxony, met again after the birth of his daughter in 2018: “I didn’t know that I would react so extremely when we had our daughter. This protective instinct totally kicked in,” she said. She wanted to give her daughter the opportunity to get to know her world for herself and to see it through her eyes, she didn’t want to take that away from her.

Her child has also changed her everyday life as an actress. “The original plan was that I would shoot again two months after the birth. That seemed natural to me.” The film was postponed, however, and Kruger was only able to concentrate on her baby and family for eight months – “luckily,” as she says. She is now working hard on projects such as her new film “The 355”, a feminist action thriller that will be released on January 6, 2022. Nevertheless, she is jealous of the nanny. “Because I have the feeling that my daughter has a memory that I am not part of.”

The reason she found it difficult to return to work after her break with baby is because she loves to be a mother. “I love being a mother. More than I expected.” Nevertheless, the actress known from “Troy” hopes to get beautiful roles even as she gets older.

Family life in Atlanta

She lives in Atlanta with her partner, the American actor Norman Reedus (52) and their daughter. There he worked on the series “The Walking Dead”, which has now been shot. “My partner has a house there and we’re thinking about keeping it. We’re in the country. It’s something different for a child when it grows up in the country Spend the year there “, reveals Kruger about her place of residence.

Kruger tries to raise her daughter in such a way “that she likes traveling and is okay with all cultures”. She herself lived in Paris for a long time and she was really happy to do that. She hopes that she will live there again, but also give her daughter the opportunity to be in Germany. “I only speak German with her. And from that point of view I hope that we can all continue to be vagabonds.”

Open letter for more privacy

The Hollywood beauty has always kept her child out of the public eye. In 2019, however, she was apparently forced to give up the privacy of her little girl with an open letter on Instagram To defend. She also posts a paparazzi photo showing a person in a white knitted sweater behind a window. Presumably a child is in your arms, because a corresponding part of the photo has been made unrecognizable with a red heart.

Referring to this photo, Kruger wrote: “We have just been tagged in these paparazzi pictures of me and our daughter. These pictures were taken without our consent and show a vulnerable and innocent baby.” These images should not be republished and if you have already posted them, please take them down. The couple was “like all parents who want the best for their child. Thank you for your support,” said Kruger in her open letter.


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