Diane Kruger: Tender photo with her daughter Nova before a big premiere for her…

Seeing her so close and an accomplice of Nova Tennessee, Diane Kruger has developed a maternal instinct. A feeling that she thought she would never feel one day: “It wasn’t necessarily a career issue. When I was younger, I had no desire for motherhoodshe declared in the columns of Marie Claire last December. I loved my childless life, traveling as I wanted, never having a break, having a lot of fun – even if it’s not because you have children that you don’t have fun anymore! The maternal fiber, moreover, was foreign to me.

It was only once in a relationship with Norman Reedus, after long stories with Guillaume Canet (whom she met again at the Cannes Film Festival) and Joshua Jackson, that Diane Kruger felt the urge to become a mother: “By the time it happened, I actually thought it was too late, so my boyfriend and I weren’t even trying to have a kid. My daughter arrived as a nice surprise.

Beyond the happiness that a child brings to its parents, Diane Kruger admitted that the arrival of Nova has strengthened the bonds with her own mother: “When my daughter was born, I realized how unconditional maternal love could be, how much my mother understood my doubts, my anxieties, as a young mother. And how great she was with my daughter. […] It is as if this child had become the center of our family. […] My mother, since she became a grandmother, has regained a taste for life, rediscovered freshness and, at 70, I find it too beautiful.” What could be better ?

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