Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) confides in the difficulties encountered at the start of her reign


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Crowned Miss France 2022 last December, Diane Leyre is living a fairy tale. But the young woman said that the criticism received at the start of her reign was difficult to manage.

A fairy tale sometimes tarnished. Last December, Diane Leyre was elected Miss France 2022. Since then, she has traveled the country to meet the French, carry out numerous signing sessions and participate in all types of events. An adaptation that has been “easy” as she confides to Gala.

In this mid-term review, the 24-year-old remembers that a recurring question was asked of her during the first weeks of her reign. “At first, I found myself in a period of controversy over the competition. We talked a lot about feminism, I was told about it and I was a little frustrated. It’s hard because we don’t control what the media wants to do with us. In addition to criticism of the competition organized by Sylvie Tellier, the young Parisian had to face criticism of her person: “About me, we played a lot on the image of the Parisian, haughty, an image that is not mine at all.”

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Diane Leyre: “It was hard psychologically”

An image that she describes as false. She adds that people think that of her because of her fluency in speaking. “The fact that I express myself well orally was also taken as something pejorative, whereas it is positive to be able to speak and have ambition at 24”, she informs. But these criticisms are not always easy to manage: “It was hard psychologically, because the images stick in your head, it’s not who I am, and people relate to that.”

If these comments are now a distant memory, Diane Leyre says she is happy to meet people who get to know her before judging her. “Fortunately, I meet a lot of people who can see that I am different from the image that may have been given of me.” And to best face these criticisms, she can count on the support of former Misses whom she considers to be “sisters”. “There is a benevolent side, and who better than a Miss can understand a Miss? They are there, listening, advising me, and I can’t wait to have the same relationship with the next Miss France”she concludes.

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