DiCaprio to Streep: record-breaking cast of "Don't Look Up" revealed


The cast of the Netflix comedy "Don't Look Up" brings together Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few.

Is this the most Oscars ever gathered in front of the same camera lens? Streaming provider Netflix has released the cast of the in-house production "Don't Look Up". And what there from the official Twitter page greets is more than well-known. In addition to the actresses Cate Blanchett (51), Jennifer Lawrence (30) and Meryl Streep (71), Leonardo DiCaprio (45) will also be involved in Adam McKays (52) sci-fi comedy. Together they come to a fabulous seven golden boys.

There is also a "Friends" star

And that is just the beginning. Netflix revealed eight other stars on Twitter, including Timothée Chalamet (24), singer Ariana Grande (27), Jonah Hill (36) and "Tenet" star Himesh Patel (30). But a completely different name should ensure great joy among all "Friends" fans. Because Matthew Perry (51) alias Chandler Bing, about whom it has become quite quiet in recent years, will celebrate his comeback in front of the camera.

Director Adam McKay recently caused a sensation with his biting real satires "The Big Short" and "Vice – The Second Man". According to the US industry website "Deadline", his latest film is about two astronomers who accidentally find out that an asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and is threatening to wipe out all of humanity. To prevent this, they embark on a seemingly futile awareness campaign. The film is announced for 2021.