Did Jennifer Lopez’s twins attend their father’s wedding, the question agitates the celebrity press

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On January 28, Marc Anthony celebrated his marriage to Nadia Ferreira. Did Jennifer Lopez’s twins attend their dad’s wedding?

A question burns the lips of Jennifer Lopez fans : did his twins attend their dad’s wedding? On Saturday January 28, the 53-year-old actress, singer, producer, dancer and businesswoman was photographed by paparazzi in Los Angeles as she walked with her 14-year-old daughter Emme. For the occasion, her husband Ben Affleck and two of his children – Seraphina (14 years old) and Samuel (10 years old) – were at their side, as related Paris Match, the day after. After having lunch, the small blended family went to the cinema. Max, Emme’s twin brotherwas not present.

At the other end of the United States, the same day, Marc Anthony celebrated his marriage with Nadia Ferreira, in Miami. Were Max and Emme there? In any case, it seems impossible that the girl was able to do it, since between Los Angeles and Miami there are more than four hours of flight. Also, there is a three hour jet lag between the two American cities. To be able to attend the ceremony, she would therefore have had to board a private jet, immediately after finishing his meal with family. This question agitates the popular press, in particular Hello !a magazine specializing in celebrity news.

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Were the twins present?

According to information available to the Spanish weekly magazine, the eldest sons of Marc Anthony – born of a first union – were on the list of guests at this prestigious wedding. Other guests include the Mexican-American-Lebanese actress Salma Hayek – who notably brought to the screen the famous painter Frida Kahlo –, the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsibut also David and Victoria Beckham. As for Max, Emme’s twin, it is possible that he attended the wedding, since he was absent from the family outing photographed in California. Regarding his sister, the mystery remains

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