Did Loana warn her relatives that she wanted to kill herself? Gilles Verdez's concerns: Current Woman The MAG

Since his drug overdose which earned him a stay in a psychiatric hospital, not a day goes by without Loana's name being mentioned in the media. After revealing an exclusive video where she announced that she was going file a complaint against Sylvie Ortega Munos for theft, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists have made new revelations concerning the state of health of the former participant of Loft Story in Do not touch My TV Wednesday March 10, 2021 on C8. In fact, Gilles Verdez revealed the content of several messages that Loana would have sent to his relatives, in which she would announce her intention to commit suicide.

"Loana's night was quite worrying" started the chronicler of TPMP, while revealing that the reality TV star reportedly reconnected with Sylvie Ortega Munos by sending her "benevolent messages". "Some of her entourage received messages where she spoke of an upcoming suicide attempt" continued Gilles Verdez. According to him, Loana would have written that she "lost everything", "his family", "his friends" and "his flat". "I am where no one can find me, tired. I bought everything I need to sleep forever", would also have indicated the former candidate of Loft Story in his messages.

Loana: "I will fall asleep forever, I have it all planned"

This message worried a lot of people, as Gilles Verdez pointed out, before continuing to relate the content of the messages sent by Loana to his relatives. "I will fall asleep forever. I am alone with my dog. I know where to place him. I have everything planned", she would have written according to him. The chronicler of TPMP certainly did not give all of Loana's messages, but nevertheless specified that the night was "very complicated" for her. Finally, the journalist concluded his revelations by claiming that Loana has "found interlocutors to his distress". However, this was not enough to calm Cyril Hanouna's concerns. Subsequently, Gilles Verdez also claimed that Loana's problem would be that she "does not want to seek long-term treatment".

In the event of a proven suicide risk (suicidal ideation, suicide project / scenario and / or access to lethal means):
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