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Did Nicolas Sarkozy really call the police to denounce a clandestine party? According to information from Parisian (who has since deleted his article), the police would have fined several people during an illegal party organized in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. A gathering of fifty young people which would have been held on the night of Tuesday, April 13, 2021, not far from the home of the former President of the Republic. According to our colleagues, it is he who would have signaled the gathering, forbidden due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A case on which Cyril Hanouna returned in Do not touch My TV, Monday April 19, 2021. Quoted in this case, the columnist Guillaume Genton gave his version of the facts. TV program producer The French House, who follows the daily life of young influencers in a luxury villa, he explained that he had anticipated “this kind of things” in their having a document signed to prohibit receiving people “. He went on to defend himself: “You cannot control what people do when they sleep at night (…). These are the vagaries of a shoot”.

Laurence Saillet defends Nicolas Sarkozy

As for the role that Nicolas Sarkozy would have played, Gilles Verdez assured that the companion of Carla Bruni “did not call directly” the police. “He found himself there, he was present on his way back from a match when there was the stampede “, did he declare. As for the article of Parisian, it would have been withdrawn at the request of the former head of state who did not appreciate being quoted. “Before they write bullshit they pick up their phones. The only people who called me were Le Point, “said Guillaume Genton.

For her part, Laurence Saillet maintained that Nicolas Sarkozy did not “never” contacted the police since they “were in the process of settling part of the case” when he went to his home. So she felt that it is “much more seller” of “to say that it was Nicolas Sarkozy who called the police without checking since they withdrew the article and that was formally denied by the press secretary.” And to conclude: “I do not imagine that one lies on this kind of subject”.

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