Did Pierre-Jean Chalençon take part in a luxurious party in an underground restaurant? He answers: Current Woman The MAG

A lively controversy broke out on social networks following the broadcast of a report in the 19:45 of M6, Friday April 2, 2021. The subject in question was partly devoted to a paid party organized in a private place in Paris in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the blurry images, many Internet users thought they had recognized the Palais Vivienne, property of Pierre-Jean Chalençon. Charges to which the former face of the show Case Concluded, who never misses an opportunity to knock out the France 2 since his departure, replied on April 4, 2021 on Twitter.

“Totally false and slanderous … !!!!!” wrote the famous 50-year-old collector, who recently took on Line Renaud on the set of TPMP. Within their report, the journalists of M6 show around forty guests who were filmed without a mask, even kissing each other. The organizer of this illegal dinner, presented as a renowned collector of the capital, was even contacted by the channel. I had dinner this week in two or three restaurants, which are precisely so-called underground restaurants with a number of ministers. So that makes me laugh softly. We are still in a democracy, we do what we want ” he defended himself by being blurred to the image, and having his voice tampered with.

Clandestine dinners: Gérald Darmanin requests an investigation after the report of M6

Besides Pierre-Jean Chalençon, chef Christophe Leroy is also targeted by many internet users. The latter seem to be convinced that he is the cook at the head of the upscale restaurant in which the journalists of M6 managed to surrender during their reporting. Faced with the extent of the buzz caused by this subject, Gérald Darmanin reacted. The Minister of the Interior, who recently showed himself exasperated by the French not respecting the sanitary instructions, has asked the Paris police prefect to take up the facts related in the report by M6 Sunday April 4, 2021 on Twitter. For his part, the public prosecutor said he had opened an investigation entrusted to the Brigade for the repression of personal delinquency.

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