Did you find Cuphead too harsh? Wait till you play its (excellent) DLC

Announced for a long time, Cuphead’s extension, called The Delicious Last Course, is finally available. And it’s still just as hard.

It is really difficult not to succumb to the irresistible charm of Cuphead. The work done by the MDHR studio to pay homage to cartoons from the 1930s is colossal and has earned it an official record (the largest number of hand-drawn images). Why talk today about a title released in 2017, which has since become a Netflix series? Just because Cuphead offers an extension called The Delicious Last Course, which will therefore have taken five years to see the light of day. The wait was worth it.

Whether Cuphead was a very hearty main course, laden with noble ingredients with a jazzy flavor, The Delicious Last Course would be the ultra-tasty dessert that our stomach could regret welcoming. In half a decade, the MDHR studio has had time to refine this content to the extreme, imagining levels bursting with detail (even more than in the basic game, that is to say) and animated by a hand of master (the enemy evolutions are impressive). It’s truly prodigious and every spoonful is a real visual delight.

Mind-blowing details // Source: Studio MDHR

The Cuphead expansion is really delicious

How to access the DLC?

There is no need to complete Cuphead to access The Delicious Last Course. The Unreleased Zone is available after completing at least one Mausoleum, and there is one on the first island.

The Delicious Last Course takes Cuphead and her brother Mugman on a new island, where Ms. Chalice — who came across as a spirit in the main adventure — needs help. She would like to be able to find her body, by means of a recipe concocted by a strange chef. The latter, however, needs special ingredients so that the magic does not fade after a few minutes. Of course, said ingredients are very well guarded by recalcitrant enemies, whom Cuphead and his friends naively agree to fight.

This good-natured story is obviously only a pretext to populate the new environment with bosses, each more difficult to beat than the other. Cuphead has not changed: it is still a boss rush, a video game where you have to chain dantesque confrontations, with a strong component of Die & Retry (you often die, to better start over until you triumph). The Delicious Last Course willingly abandons the more platform-type levels for bonus portions where Cuphead must defend itself otherwise.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
We can always play two (but only locally) // Source: Studio MDHR

We find our marks very quickly in the DLC, which does not bother to preserve players and players. From the start, we find this pleasure of colossal challenge, articulated around a gameplay of surgical precision. We jump, we shoot, we dodge, all with skill and timing. The developers really had fun imagining tricky situations, with a screen bordering on readable, because too often flooded with elements that wish us harm (whether big or tiny, they drown in the richness of the scenery ). Cuphead preserves this cruelty which pushes to become better, test after test. At first you believe that the obstacle looks too insurmountable, then you end up succeeding after having learned a lot, if not taken in a lot — especially after having taken in a lot in reality.

Cuphea: The Delicious Last Course
A festival of colors // Source: Studio MDHR

In addition to the always very inspired (and deadly) bosses, the main evolution is in the opportunity to embody Ms. Chalice, who does not have quite the same range of movements as Cuphead (and Mugman). Not content with having an extra heart, she benefits from the double jump and makes herself temporarily invulnerable when she rolls on the ground. Some might see it as an easy mode. It’s more of a different way to play. Especially since choosing Ms. Chalice amounts to depriving yourself of a useful bonus, to choose from among those recovered. In all honesty, I preferred to play Cuphead to complete The Delicious Last Course — probably out of habit.

Nevertheless, like all desserts in the world, The Delicious Last Course can be swallowed in a few bites. Cuphead actually pays the bill for its concept: hand drawing epic fights with such generosity (the backgrounds make you dizzy) prevents offering a very long experience. Anyway, we are not sure that your nerves would hold for hours to be ridiculed by a flying cow coming out of a saloon (yes yes) or a gang of mafiosi insects (yes yes, bis). Therefore, The Delicious Last Course, content priced at €7.99, won’t keep you busy for more than an evening or two. You will still come out of it with the mad desire to taste it again sooner or later, out of masochism, of course, but also out of a desire to immerse yourself in this magnificent artistic direction.

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