Did you give in to “fauxbaeing”, creepy amorous behavior?

Among the trends in flirting and couples’ relationships, “fauxbaeing” consists of inventing a relationship. Relatives, social networks, everyone is aware … but it is only the wind.

Not easy being single, especially when the whole world seems to be screaming at us how much happier we would be being together. The injunctions to be in a relationship are very numerous, and they also come from our parents (“When are you going to find yourself a husband / wife?”) than our friends (“I’m going to introduce you to Jean-Baptiste, you’ll see, it’s a great match”), but also movies, books or series. Singles are all too often seen as unfulfilled people who are unhappy in their personal lives. To the point of succumbing to the trend of “fauxbaeing”.

What is “fauxbaeing”?

Fauxbaeing is a very complicated word – and clearly unpronounceable – which mixes French and English. It is made up of “false” (so far, everything is fine), “bae” (which means “Before anything else”, that is the person who passes with everything else), and the usual suffix “ing” used in English to make it a verb. But if the expression is rather convoluted, its application is quite simple. It is about inventing a romantic relationship on social networks, to make those around you believe that you are in a relationship.

To do this, all major unpacking is good: sweet words, grand declarations, photos of hands or of a person from the back (always anonymous, just to maintain the mystery), pictures of gifts accompanied by the caption. “Thank you my love !!!”, etc. The idea is to make everyone around you believe that you have someone in your life. Some people even take the game a step further by creating a fake account for their invented partner, in order to be able to interact with him. In short, it is a very, very big lie, which in theory does not harm anyone, but which is based all the same on quite toxic bases.

But who are the followers of fauxbaeing?

There are two main categories of people who follow this strange tendency. On the one hand, people who are tired of thinking about their celibacy, and on the other, single people who want to make their parents jealous or jealous. crush by making him or her believe that they have a suitor. In both cases, the final result remains the same: a person who invents a life as a couple via the Internet and who is truly involved so that no one can have any doubts. Be careful, however, fauxbaeing is purely virtual: if you go so far as to hire someone to make those around you believe that it is your new Jules, it’s a different kettle of fish.

What to do with someone who practices fauxbaeing?

The problem with fauxbaeing is that it is a difficult behavior to identify. If your girlfriend Marie claims she has a new boyfriend and shows you the bouquet of flowers he sent her, why question her word? The same goes for the absence of this person on social networks: there are still diehards who have neither Facebook, Twitter, nor Instagram. In short, difficult to have doubts, at least at the beginning. On the other hand, if a person around you refuses to present their new conquest to you, or even to show you a simple photo, then you may be facing one or a follower of fauxbaeing. The only solution ? Carry out your little investigation and interview your interlocutor.

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Of course, if someone around you uses this practice, the idea is not to make fun of them or to call them a liar, but rather to seek to understand the origin of this lie. If it’s about making someone jealous, remind them that it’s not the best thing to do to seduce. Especially since his or her crush risk to think that it is not a heart to take. And if it’s to avoid unpleasant remarks about his celibacy, maybe it’s up to you and the rest of those around him to change their attitude. After all, it’s okay to be single, and it’s better to be alone than in bad company. No offense to fleabagging enthusiasts, but that’s another story …

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