Did you know ? Jenifer almost never made it to Star Academy

This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Jenifer celebrates the twentieth anniversary of her victory at Star Academy. A consecration and a successful career that the singer could never have known, as she revealed in an interview with the Parisian.

Just twenty years ago to the day Jenifer was making television history. While she was facing Mario Barravecchia, the young woman won the first edition of Star Academy. By winning the now cult broadcast of TF1, the tenant of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys pushed the doors of an incredible career. The years go by and success is always there for the performer of the title “Under the sun”. An exceptional journey that the 39-year-old artist could never have known. And for good reason, Jenifer did not think of joining the telecrochet, as she revealed to our colleagues from Parisian in October 2020. “When I was 16, I left Nice for Paris, trying to make a living from my passion. I had a tough end to the month when the casting call came. My roommate at the time urged me to register. I didn’t want to, we were leaving “Loft Story”, and I was afraid of reality TV. I wanted to become a singer, but not at any cost “, she confided.

Putting aside her apprehensions and supported by her friend at the time, Jenifer therefore took his courage in both hands and tried his luck. “I sent my application file on the last day, a little crossed out everywhere, with a photo cut out”, she recalls over the course of this interview. And this “rather poorly put together” and “not very clean” brought luck to the mother. Contacted by the team, the young woman then presented herself to the casting “freaked out, to the point of wanting to turn around”. There is no doubt that Jenifer was right to trust her fate.

Jenifer back soon

For more than two years, Jenifer’s new album is desired. If his last duets in the company of Slimane and Léa Castel have made his fans wait, the pretty brunette is determined to end their expectations. To celebrate her twenty years of career, the friend of Nikos Aliagas is preparing to do his big comeback on the music scene. By leaving his red coach chair in The Voice, the ex-companion of Thierry Neuvic has decided to devote himself fully to his new artistic project. And for his ninth album, Jenifer saw the big picture. “I wanted this warmth, this closeness and this authenticity in the sound, in the words. JI wanted an album for the stage, with brass, violins … in short, with soul, had unveiled Jenifer on his Instagram account.

According to Pure Charts, Star Academy 7 winner Quentin Mosimann, who recently collaborated with Grand Corps Malade, is expected to participate in the development of Jenifer’s new record. Although the release date is still kept secret, his impatient fans will not miss this meeting for the world!

Photo credits: Disney via Bestimage

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