Did you like this electric 4×4 from Bollinger? Pity.

Bollinger announces that he will “indefinitely” pause the electric jeep and the electric pickup he has been teasing for years.

We had glimpsed this pretty rectangular jeep in 2019. Finally, the vehicle of the American startup Bollinger is not likely to see the light of day for a long, long time. The company has just announced that it is pausing its two jeep and pickup projects “indefinitely” on January 14, 2022, to focus entirely on electric delivery vans.

It’s about focusing on a Business Development “said Robert Bollinger in a video. “ Since these vehicles are close to my heart, I would say never say never. If our commercial development allowed us one day to come back to it, no one would be as happy as me. But this is not what is expected.»

All customers who had made pre-orders will be refunded.

A focus on electric utility

Farewell, then, to the big B1 jeep and B2 pickup, and welcome to the low-to-the-ground electric utility. Presented a year and a half ago as a concept, the minivan is now Bollinger’s priority. The “Deliver-e” (a play on words with delivery) has a loading sill located 18 inches from the ground (i.e. 46 centimeters), to facilitate access to the interior of the trunk.

The Deliver-e is supposed to be modular and able to accommodate different types of batteries (70 kWh, 105 kWh, 140 kWh, 175 kWh and 210 kWh).

Bollinger, however, admitted that he did not yet have the capacity to manufacture his delivery minivan, and that he was in “ discussion with partners to produce it.

An example of using a Bolinger chassis // Source: YouTube/Bollinger

This disappointment from Bollinger further strengthens the position of Rivian, which is therefore for the moment one of the only players to have really advanced on its electric pickup – while Tesla has also postponed its Cybertruck to 2023.

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