Did you spot this wink in episode 4 of Andor?

It’s an arduous reference that crept into episode 4 ofAndor. If you saw The Clone Warsthis will speak to you.

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The plot of the series Andor expands. The fourth episode, which airs September 28 on Disney+, shows some facets of the Galactic Empire that we’ve never really seen before — at least, in movies and TV shows Star Wars. The stakes are also revealed around Cassian Andor, Luthen Rael and Mon Mothma, three crucial characters.

Episode 4, titled Aldhaniof course has its share of nods to the world of Star Wars. There are the obvious references, like this blue crystal possessed by Luthen Rael. And there are the much more obscure cross-references, which can only be spotted by analyzing almost frame by frame every element in the background of a seemingly innocuous scene.

We warn you: the article contains spoilers.

A reference to The Clone Wars and the Mortis arc

We have to admit: the allusion we are going to talk about had completely escaped us. It was another Internet user, Arlothia, who noticed strange bas-reliefs in the antique shop run by Luthen Rael. He made it a post on a community dedicated to Star Warswhere he shares all these findings more widely, on September 28.

The interested party spotted three plaques on display, as if they were made of some sort of marble. On the surface, circular geometric shapes with, in the center, hands. One has a clenched fist, the other is open as if in friendly greeting. The last is a hand also open, but facing to the side.

andor hands
Engravings that are not insignificant… // Source: Andor

However, this is where it becomes very interesting: these three hands make the same gestures as the hands of three characters appearing on a facade of the Jedi temple on the planet Lothal. These three characters are a representation of the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, who are considered to be sorts of deities. The fresco can be seen in particular in episode 12 of season 4 of Rebels.

There is an uncertainty: do these blocks exposed in the gallery of Luthen come from Lothal? Are these pieces from this fresco or another, which would be elsewhere in the Jedi temple? It is also possible that this painting exists elsewhere in the galaxy and that the bas-reliefs in Luthen’s possession come from elsewhere.

mortis star wars
And that we find in The Clone Wars. // Source: The Clone Wars

We also find this representation of the “Family” in a few episodes of The Clone Warsto season 3. These episodes constitute the Mortis arc, which is judged by fans as one of the most decisive narrative elements for the “mythology” Star Wars. It is a question of balance in the Force, of precision on the prophecy. He had a profound impact on the public.

These blocks will play no role in the plot ofAndor. The entertainment giant’s SVOD site has other immediate stories to tell, starting with the birth and structuring of the Rebel Alliance. It must nevertheless be recognized that the series knows how to address its audience. It may be seen as fan service, but at least the production speaks the same language as its audience.

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