“Didn’t he do so well”: Kroos and ZDF comment on the termination of the interview

“Didn’t he do so well”
Kroos and ZDF comment on the termination of the interview

ZDF reporter Nils Kaben regrets having caught Toni Kroos on the wrong foot with his questions. ZDF sports director Thomas Fuhrmann sees no reason for the Real Madrid professional to break off the conversation. The Champions League winner explains what bothered him so much.

ZDF sports director Thomas Fuhrmann finds the course of the much-discussed TV interview with five-time Champions League winner Toni Kroos “regrettable”. “These situations right after the final whistle are always special,” said Fuhrmann. “Perhaps the colleague should have stuck to the emotions and got to the core of the game a little later. Basically, the questions were justified and there was no reason to break off the interview.”

Real Madrid midfielder Kroos broke off a TV interview with ZDF reporter Nils Kaben after beating Liverpool (1-0) in the final. “You had 90 minutes to think of sensible questions and then you ask me two shitty questions,” replied the ex-world champion shortly after the game. The 32-year-old was asked if it was surprising that Real had come under so much pressure in the final at the Stade de France.

“It’s not surprising that you’re in trouble against Liverpool,” said Kroos. “What kind of question is that, you’re not playing a group game somewhere, we’re playing the Champions League final.” After another question from Kaben, Kroos just walked away and scolded: “It’s really bad, really bad.” In another interview later in the evening, Kroos explained his decision. “I don’t demand more respect. I only expected positive questions after winning the Champions League final.” Instead, he was asked “why it was so difficult against Liverpool and why it was half happy. I didn’t think he did that well.”

Fuhrmann said: “Nils Kaben was also taken aback. He didn’t want to provoke Toni Kroos.” He doesn’t think a clarifying conversation between the footballer and the journalist is necessary. “I don’t see any need for follow-up work. You should leave the church in the village,” said Fuhrmann. Kaben himself told “Bild” the morning after that he regretted the situation and that he had no intention of provoking Kroos. In retrospect, he should have talked longer about the positive and the emotions of the now five-time Champions League winner, Kaben continued.

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