“Didn’t reach their goal”: Russia: 42 drones repelled over Crimea

“Didn’t reach their goal”
Russia: 42 drones repelled over Crimea

Recently, Ukrainian attacks on occupied Crimea have increased. Now Russia reports the shooting down of 42 drones over the peninsula. There should be no damage. A missile is said to have been repelled over the Russian region of Kaluga.

Russia says it has fended off 42 Ukrainian drones over Crimea. “Nine drones were destroyed by fire over the territory of the Republic of Crimea, 33 were distracted by electronic warfare and crashed without reaching their destination,” the Russian Defense Ministry said on its Telegram channel.

The military had previously reported the launch of a missile over the Kaluga area south of Moscow. This information cannot be verified independently. During the night, Mikhail Raswoschajew, the governor of the port city of Sevastopol in Crimea, appointed by Russia, reported attacks.

The drones were shot down over the sea. There is no damage to the infrastructure, he wrote on Telegram. Recently there have been increased reports of Ukrainian attacks on military objects in Crimea. Russia illegally annexed the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014.

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